Tuesday, 31 March 2015

8 Shopping Struggles Only Short Girls Understand!

This is a list of all the struggles short girls (like me:( sadly aha) go through when shopping! It's annoying being 4ft 9 when all you wear most of the time is skinny jeans! They never fit right! Aha! 

1) Trousers!
All trousers are always tooooo long! You spend ages trying to pick trousers and not one of them fit so you have to fold them about a thousand times so you don't look like a right plonker! Aha;)
The petite section in shops are still even too long, I just give up!

2) Long dresses!
Any sort of long dresses you buy, such as maxi dresses and things, just cause you to trip and slide  anywhere and everywhere! Fun a lot of the time, but not quite when you're trying to act as normal as possible walking down the streets!

3) Mini skirts! 
Mini skirts are normal knee length, which is good if you see a nice skirt which is too short for normal days, ahaha!;) 

4) Online Shopping!
Online shopping is basically limited for me to tops and shoes! Because there's no chance that if I bought trousers online, they wouldn't be going back! Ah! 

5) T-shirts! 
Most t-shirts are long, but for me, I don't mind because I like my tops baggy and oversized, but only tucked into my 'overly sized trousers!' Aha!

6) Tights and Leggings! 
URGH, when short girls buy leggings and tights, we can literally pull them way further than they were made for! Such as tights reaching over your shoulders (actually happened!) 

7) Boots! 
Although I've never wanted knee night boots or anything remotely like that, I bet it would be damn hard to find some that don't bury me! 

8) Shopping In The Kids Section!
I'm only 13, so I still sometimes get things that are sized in ages and not like 6, 8,10 and so on, but because I can literally get jeans from kids section if they're 11-12 and upwards! I only just realised a few weeks ago, but my favourite pair of jeans are 11-12 and they're maybe the only jeans I have that are the right length! 



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