Saturday, 28 March 2015

My Celiac Story!

I have a "disease" called celiac, which means I can't eat gluten. I think I was diagnosed just about or over two years ago, which scares me because for that long I haven't been doing what I should of. If I eat gluten, I don't get like, an allergic reaction I get just stomach aches, which is the only symptom of celiac disease I have, even though there are loads more... 
My mum told me they had tested my blood at the hospital, and found that something wasn't quite right, so I have to have an operation where they put a camera down my throat, and take a sample of my intestine to test!?!?! Sounds painful but it only felt like a chest infection for about three days afterwards, and like scraping when you swallow!? I think my mum only told me about the operation like, a week or so before because she knew I'd be scared, and she was too because she thought they'd have to put the camera up my butt, luckily they didn't  aha! One thing I remember in the hospital is just waking up in the night and crying to my mum cos I was scared, but I was fine. But the next day when it was my operation I refused to wear the gross hospital gowns so they let me wear my own comtfy Pjs, aha!
After the operation and the test of my intestine or whatevs, I got the news that I did infact have Celiac Disease. I literally had no idea what this was and neither did my mum so it was quite scary. But I soon learnt I couldn't eat oats, wheats, anything like that, which meant gluten free bread, cereal, chocolate (sometimes) and even things such as pasta and like, 10p sweets from the shop!? I didn't realise or even think about the problems that Celiac would cause me later in life and I think that's why I never stopped eating gluten till the day I got put in hospital. I used to cry to my mum on random nights saying how I liked life and I didn't want to die, because one of the problems with Celiac disease is, that it can progress into Cancer. As I've got older I realised how important it is to look after your body because after all you only have one. So I was scared it would progress into worse things, but I just found it too hard to eat a gluten free diet. 
I kept going for x-Rays because the bones in my hips and wrist were becoming really weak and it felt like my bones ground against each other, so me and my mum thought it was arthritis because we Googled it and everything matched up, so we went for the X-rays and they told me it was because of my Celiac and that because I wasn't eating gluten free at all, my body's literally taking no nutriants in. So my bones were feeling weak, I didn't have energy and so I ended up on this disgusting iron medicine which leaves a taste in your mouth like you've sucked a metal pole or something ahhh:/ still have to take it actually...
When I got put in hospital a few weeks ago, I was obviously on a gluten free diet in there because I had no choice, but being in hospital was like, a wake up call, because I'd realised if I don't start doing the right things soon, I wouldn't live a healthy long life like I could. I really have to stick to my gluten free diet now because I read that it can take 2-5 years on a gluten free diet for my intestines to repair themselves fully. So since I got out, I haven't eaten gluten at all and I feel much better and proud of myself. 
Just realised how long that is^
Bye, ;) ️xo

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