Friday, 27 March 2015

My Diabetes Story!

Having diabetes is really quite stressful as you have to keep good control on your blood as it can cause bigger problems when you're older. Your eye sight can be affected, as well as slow healing on cuts and things! I got diagnosed with diabtetes when I was 9 and my mum took me to the doctors because she noticed I lost loads of weight (I was 4st when I got admitted to hospital) I was drinking excessively and going to the loo very often. I was really drained, exhausted just by walking up the stairs, and you could tell I was really ill just by looking at me. When she took me to the doctors they took my blood and told my mum she needed to take me straight to the hospital, without going home to get clothes or anything, because the level my blood was at was life threatening. I was in hospital for a bit over a week and then everything was back to normal, apart from the fact I had to have injections every single time I ate. Before I had diabtetes I only thought old people could get diabtetes as the only diabetic I knew was my nannan! One thing that really annoys me is when people say to me "oh, you have diabetes? So does my nan/grandad!" Urghhhhh! Aha You can't see my illness, well unless your like, sat next to me when my bloods going low or something, but i still have it, there's nothing I can do about it and it's for life, sadly Ahah!
Also, which makes me more annoyed than anything is when we do food studies at school, and the teachers sit there and say diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar or being overweight, that's type 2, but I have type 1 and people sit there and look at me, aha!
*Rant Over* 
Last October, I was given an insulin pump because my blood levels had gotten really good and I had good control of my diabtetes, which I had found difficult in the past. An insulin pump Is a little device that is controlled with Bluetooth. There is a little tube that connects from the pump, into a cannula that I  put in my stomach, so that meant I didn't have to inject anymore! I haven't got it taken off me by the hospital yet so I must be doing things right, I find it much easier and it's really improved my bloods even more! 
Bye, ;) ️xo 

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